Jul 06, 2011

And it's doomed as-is. Here's why

  • It has no personality

Facebook had Harvard, Twitter had SXSW and Myspace had Tom (and my friend ducky. Even Orkut had… Orkut.

Google+ is no more than a soulless corporate creation designed to attract eyeballs. A facebook killer would have personality. It would be a just a little feature, with kick. It would never allow your aunt and uncles to join, not force you to create circles to willfully exclude them.

  • There is no hook

Why would anybody outside than the early-adopting-blogging-self-flagelation crowd use it? The news that Blogger and Picasa brands will be retired is the real story.

Google knows that this is less about an innovative social network and more like GM phasing out Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn.

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