Apr 14, 2017
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Feb 17, 2017

Trump is the Medicine we Need

Revisiting last week, I remain convinced that we're better off with Trump than without him. A bumbling fool is easier to deal with than a malicious plutocrat.

The bumbling fool makes his malicious intentions clear. He tells you obvious little lies all the time (“biggest Electoral College victory since Reagan”) which makes it very clear that he has no intention of ever telling you the truth. The career politician knows to avoid getting caught in a small lie in order to make the big lies more palatable.

Let's face it, the Republican party agenda today is built on a foundation of big lies

  • climate change is not real and the EPA is bad for you
  • taking away your health care is in your own best interest
  • crony capitalism will help you get rich
  • terrorists represent a greater threat than mentally ill US citizens

Someone like Pence, or Ryan, knows how to avoid getting caught in the stupid little lies, which tend to blow up in the media and get people angry. If you avoid the little lies you are more likely to get away with the big lies, which are complicated and tend not make for good rallies. Whoever went to a march to protest cooking the books on a budget forecast.

If you remove Trump, you remove the little lies and replace it with professional bullshit. And the liberal outrage dies down, and it becomes far less clear whether or not something is “fake news” or not.

I'll take four years of Trump and his bumbling lies, blocked at nearly every step by protest, over four years of Pence or Ryan, who will quietly fuck over the environment and unravel decades of regulation in the interest of crony capitalism.

Feb 10, 2017

Imagine three possible worlds:

  1. Trump loses the election (well, the Electoral College one) and launches a cable network to spout alternative facts and propaganda 24/7.
  2. Trump is impeached and Pence takes the reigns.
  3. Trump miraculously holds on to the presidency for four years, frustrated at every step by the courts and a majority of the country.

As ridiculous as it sounds (3) is perhaps the best outcome of all. It's forced the country to understand the GOP for what it is - an extremist minority religious group with four basic goals: environmental destruction; tax cuts, deregulation and other welfare for the wealthy; and a populace so afraid of terrorism that we welcome a police state.

If Pence takes over, the GOP returns to Republican-ism as usual, hiding the agenda behind far more mainstream bullshit than Trump appears capable of doing. Trump's “drain the swamp” turns out to mean taking Republican politics to it's nadir, which is a helpful exercise for the rest of us to understand the real objectives.

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